Approximate time 2-4h
Ideal for cruise ship! 

Of course if you want to explore the highest mountains you have to walk for lots of hours and follow the trails.... Our trip doesn't include all this walking or hiking!!!

We start from your hotel or yacht at the arranged time and we drive for 32km through the gorge of Therisso (we have a 5-minute stop for photos) and we arrive at Therisso village.We continue our small excursion driving to Meskla village, almost 11km of winding road and low speed but with amazing view!.Very close to the village is the Botanical park and gardens of Crete, were you can have a walk around the paths of the park.There are two paths, the small one about 45-60 minutes of  walking and the bigger one about 90 minutes.After your walk you can taste some traditional Cretan food at the gardens. The exploration finishes after we visit the lake of Agia about 10km further down on our way to the town. There you can have a small walk around the lake and get a drink at the two coffee shops.

• Taxi price: 160 €
• Minivan price: 220 €