Crete traditional products

Cooking Lessons 

Discover with us the traditional cretan life.

We can provide to you a unιque experience by meeting people in village of crete and cook with the housewife together. Using Cretan ingredients such as extra-virgin olive oil, fresh vegetables picked from there garden, local meats, delectable cheeses, aromatic herbs and tasty wine. We learn also interesting information about the local herbs, including the therapeutic properties of olive oil and useful tips about the local products we use.

After your cooking experience with the housewife you will taste your own dishes, paired with fruity local wine and some traditional desserts at the end. You’ll also get to see our olive grove and our orchard with its various fruit trees.

If you’re looking for a healthy and unique Mediterranean diet and the well known Cretan food, you welcome you to enjoy our traditional Cretan cooking lessons. We guarantee an unforgettable experience and lot of new things to do and learn.


Trip available only after request and no more than 10 persons.