• Because all excursions are private we can adjust the default trips to meet your requirements .
  • The prices are only for the tour and they don’t involve expenses for the restaurants or the coffee shops that you might want to stop.
  • The price of the tickets for the entrance of museums, boats or horse riding are not included in the prices.
  • We provide general information in English but we are not professional tour guides, according to Greek laws. If you want proffesional guide we can arrange with extra charge.
  • All distances are measured from the center of the Chania city, if your base is far away from there ask us for the exactly amount and distance.


The mountains of Crete, Therisso Gorge

Approximate time 2-4h
Ideal for cruise ship! 

Of course if you want to explore the highest mountains you have to walk for lots of hours and follow the trails.... Our trip doesn't include all this walking or hiking!!!

We start from your hotel or yacht at the arranged time and we drive for 32km through the gorge of Therisso (we have a 5-minute stop for photos) and we arrive at Therisso village.We continue our small excursion driving to Meskla village, almost 11km of winding road and low speed but with amazing view!.Very close to the village is the Botanical park and gardens of Crete, were you can have a walk around the paths of the park.There are two paths, the small one about 45-60 minutes of  walking and the bigger one about 90 minutes.After your walk you can taste some traditional Cretan food at the gardens. The exploration finishes after we visit the lake of Agia about 10km further down on our way to the town. There you can have a small walk around the lake and get a drink at the two coffee shops.

• Taxi price: 160 €
• Minivan price: 220 €


Akrotiri sights Stavros Beach

Approximate time 11/2 h- up to you.
Ideal for cruise ship! 

This excursion have two choices. We start from your hotel or yacht at the arranged time, we visit the Venizellos Graves with the wonderfull panoramic view of the town of Chania and the old venetian harbour with the famous lighthouse. Depends on the time of the tour, you can have breakfast or drink at the nearby cafes. After that stop we continue our trip to the Gouverneto Monastery. From there you can :

  • walk about 2km north of Gouverneto Monastery were you will find the famous Cave of Arkoudospilios (Bear Cave), as the locals call it. The cave is famous for a stalagmite that looks like a crouching bear if you look at it from a certain angle. After that small walk, we continue our trip to the beach of Stavros for swimming.
  • For those like hiking after the Bear Cave they can continue walking and find the Monastery of St. John the Hermit and Khatholiko Monastery where you can follow the path and make the round of Stavros mountain (almost 3-4 hours). You will end up at the beach of Stavros for a relaxing swim and a meal.

We will be there at the arranged time to drive you back.

  • Taxi price 90 €
  • Minivan price 150 €



Daily Cruise Ship Gramvousa island, Balos lagoon.

Approximate time 9h

This is one easy and relaxing excursion..... A small cruise ship will be waiting at the port of Kissamos and from there you will be able to see that the landscape is spectacular, and the beach of the island of pirates Gramvousa is adorned by a lonely shipwreck. After 2 hours the boat continues for Balos lagoon with the exotic sandy beach there you are going to stay for 3 hours to enjoy the beach and the swimming. Both Gramvousa and Balos are included in the European initiative NATURA 2000. Because we have to board on cruise ship we have to be there on sceduled departure of the ship.

  • Taxi price 100 €
  • Minivan price 130 €


Beach and relaxing time

All day relax on the beach!

If you are looking something more exotic we can arrange a visit to Fallaserna or Elafonisi beach. Both voted among the best beaches in the world , you can relax all day under the hot sun and the cool crystal sea. Don΄t forget to bring your sun losion!!!


For Fallaserna

Approximate time 2-5h 
  • Taxi price 120 €
  • Minivan price 160 €

For Elafonisi

Approximate time 4-6h

(if you want,we can include two stops, at Monastery of Chryssoskalitissa and Agia Sofia)

  • Taxi price 230 €
  • Minivan price 330 € 


Horse ride and lake pedalo

Approximate time 2-4h

Our journey starts from Georgiopolis village. After we arrive you can explore the small village with the traditional port and the church of Agios Nikolaos, built on the rocks on the seaside. We continue for a horse ride among the trees and we visit the lake of Kourna. You can easily walk around the lake or rent a sea bicycle and drive through it. Of course you can have a drink or lunch at the traditional restaurants near the lake afterwards.

  • Taxi price 130 €
  • Minivan price 190 €


Apokoronas villages

Approximate time 4 1/2h

Discover the natural beauty as well as the cultural and historical heritage of Crete. Take a "time travel" from the Hellenistic period to the modern era, through the picturesque landscape of rural Crete:

  • From the ancient Aptera (the «little Pompeii of Crete») to
  • an Olive Tree (3000yrs old) & Traditional Olive Press and to
  • one of the oldest Byzantine churches with its impressive decoration

The tour begins with a visit to the ancient Aptera (one of the most important ancient city-states of Crete) that constitutes a unique area of history, civilization and scientific interest.Estimated visit time on site: 1h15min.Then, by a route of outstanding natural beauty in the foothills of the White Mountains we would visit an ancient Olive Tree (estimated of 3000 yrs of age) as well as a Traditional Olive Stone Press. 

The excursion continues to a Byzantine church (dated by the 11th century AD) that is considered one of the most beautiful churches in Crete since the walls are painted carefully, focusing on shades of blue. It is definitely one of the best examples of Byzantine architecture in the island. 

  • Taxi price 180 €
  • Minivan price 270 €


Knossos Palace – Archaeological Museum of Heraklion

Approximate time 8h

The Minoans made a significant contribution to the Western European civilization as it is known today and the Palace of Knossos is its greatest symbol. Visit the place where the myth of Daedalus & Ikarus and the Minotaur still excite the imagination. See the most important collection of Minoan antiquities at the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion or stroll freely around Heraklion city where you can admire the Venetian fortress of Koules, the Morozini fountain and the Loggia building.

  • Knossos Palace: The largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete and Europe's oldest city (historical fact) plus the myth of the Minotaur and Daedalus & Ikarus, makes the Palace of Knossos as a “must visit” destination. - Estimated visit time on site: 1hour45minute
  • Archaeological Museum of Heraklion: The museum brings together archaeological finds from all over Crete, covering over 5500 years of the island’s history. It hosts the most important collection of Minoan antiquities over the world as the Phaistos Disk, the Labrys (the Minoan double Axe) and the Snake Goddess. - Estimated visit time on site: 1hour


  • Taxi price 250 €
  • Minivan price 350 €

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